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Kellyanne Conway strays from media critique to praise some print reporters

Kellyanne Conway briefly strayed from the White House's long-standing critiques of the media Wednesday to deliver a rare bit of praise to certain print outlets for what she called improving coverage, bristling especially at the characterization that the president dislikes a top New York Times reporter.

Speaking at the Newseum to Hollywood Reporter columnist Michael Wolff, Conway said she gives the media an “incomplete” grade for their coverage of President Donald Trump's administration thus far, saying it's too early to judge. It was likely a more generous grade than several of her White House colleagues would offer.

And though she repeated her complaints from the campaign trail about bias in journalists’ Twitter feeds, Conway said she had noticed some print reporters have changed they way they’ve covered President Trump versus candidate Trump.

"There are some print journalists particularly who have taken the time to try to get to know this president and how he operates and who he is and some of the senior administration officials, and they’re doing much better, in my view, of covering the White House,” Conway said.

Conway seemed to hint that at least one of those journalists was the New York Times’ Maggie Haberman. When Wolff said Trump had told him he dislikes the reporter, Conway said that was “not true” and defended Haberman, who recently interviewed the president in the Oval Office.

"She's a very hardworking, honest journalist who happens to be a very good person,” Conway said, clearly frustrated.

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