lunes, 17 de abril de 2017

Christie angling for a comeback

The New Jersey governor is planning to 'go make some money' after term wraps up, but he's also building ties in Trump world.

By Ryan Hutchins and Josh Dawsey

It's unclear exactly what Chris Christie is angling for, besides attempting to repair his public standing.

Chris Christie is feeling good again.

The New Jersey governor remains one of the country's most unpopular executives, after a dismal year in which two allies were sentenced to prison, the state’s credit rating continued to drop, and his White House dreams were conspicuously dashed by Donald Trump.

But Christie, entering into the last eight months in office, often seems happier and more focused than at any point since the Bridgegate scandal broke, several people close to him say. He is again taking on an ambitious agenda in New Jersey, trying to buttress and shape his once-enviable legacy.

And he is enjoying significant influence in Trump's world, spearheading a new national anti-addiction effort, talking to the president several times per week, and recently spending much of two days in the Oval Office advising Trump.

Christie has also rediscovered his fighting spirit back home. In recent weeks, the governor has made a show of taking on New Jersey’s biggest insurer, attacking its “multi-million dollar mouthpieces, out there lying,” and has seemed to enjoy tussling with his old adversaries in the Trenton press corps. Christie has also reignited his feud with the state’s labor unions, by promising to enact new pension reforms and restructure the state’s school-funding system.

It's unclear exactly what Christie is angling for, besides attempting to repair his public standing. One person familiar with his thinking said the governor plans to "go make some money" when he leaves office, but he's clearly eager to keep other options open, possibly in Trump's administration.

“I think he feels very good. I think he feels very good at serving out two full terms,” said Mike DuHaime, Christie’s longtime political strategist. “He’s always enjoyed being out there, being active."

Just a few months ago, Christie appeared absent and embittered.

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