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The world according to Breitbart

The alt-right publication recently led by Steve Bannon has clashed at times with Trump's world views.

Steve Bannon has served as Breitbart's chief editorial strategist, setting the tone for its coverage before joining the Donald Trump campaign in August.

President-elect Donald Trump suggested earlier this week that right-wing British politician Nigel Farage should be the U.K.'s next ambassador to the United States. Within hours, Farage had written a gleeful column in response, saying he was ready to "help cement ties with the incoming Anglophile administration."

But Farage, a major force behind Britain's decision to quit the European Union, didn't publish his column in The Sun, the Times of London or another British news outlet. Instead, in a telling move, he chose Breitbart News, the conservative, white nationalist-friendly media site that until recently was led by Trump aide Stephen Bannon.

With Bannon suiting up to be Trump's chief strategist in the White House, he is likely to have significant influence on how Trump deals with Britain and the rest of the world in the coming four years. One way of understanding Bannon's approach to foreign policy is to read the coverage he inspired and oversaw at Breitbart.

POLITICO scoured d hundreds of foreign policy-related articles published by Breitbart News from mid-2012 to mid-2016, during which Bannon led the site, to get a sense of his worldview. While by no means a perfect measure — Breitbart is a platform for many people, and it relies heavily on aggregation — Bannon nonetheless served as the site's chief editorial strategist, setting the tone and priorities for its coverage before joining the Trump campaign in August.

The themes that emerged from POLITICO's perusal of the content bolster existing expectations that Bannon will push Trump to fight "Islamo-fascism," even if it means cracking down on Muslim-Americans; that he will urge Trump to offer unyielding support to Israel, despite the cost to the Palestinians; and that he also could push Trump to undermine multi-lateral institutions, such as the United Nations, while offering a boost to nationalists such as Farage.

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