lunes, 17 de octubre de 2016

Trump faces his fate

 Rubén Weinsteiner

With three weeks to go, the GOP nominee stokes anger, conspiracy theories and chaos.

 Donald Trump enters the final stretch down with more than 60 percent of voters viewing him unfavorably.

Donald Trump just had his worst week of his presidential campaign. Again.

With only 22 days until Election Day and early voting already underway in many places, Hillary Clinton has one last major hurdle to clear — the third debate on Wednesday in Las Vegas. Given Trump’s stunning and unmitigated three-week freefall since the first debate last month, it would likely take an almost unimaginable mistake by the over-prepared and risk-averse Clinton to give her opponent an opening to get back into contention.

“The race for the White House is over,” said Sarah Isgur-Flores, the deputy campaign manager for former GOP candidate Carly Fiorina. “Now, it’s just a question of the collateral damage.”

Factoring in new surveys released on Sunday, Clinton’s national lead over Trump now sits at 5.5 percentage points. And Trump’s already significant problems with female voters have only deepened after a week that saw nearly 10 women come forward with strikingly similar stories of Trump making unwanted sexual advances without consent—the very behavior he was recorded bragging about in a 2005 videotape that emerged 10 days ago and led many endangered Republicans to disavow their nominee. This, following a week in which Trump, taking Clinton’s bait from the first debate, attacked a former Miss Universe for gaining weight.

Now Trump enters the final three weeks down with more than 60 percent of voters viewing him unfavorably. Clinton, whose team is trying hard to just run out the clock, has a 20-point edge with women and has coalesced her party behind her while Trump's percentage of support from Republicans dipped below the 80 percent mark. His disastrous October is giving Democrats late hopes of an electoral wave that could return their bygone majorities and even turn red states like Arizona, Georgia and Utah blue.

Rubén Weinsteiner

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