lunes, 3 de octubre de 2016

The week that will decide the election

Five things to watch in a week that will likely pick a president.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about the 2016 electorate after dozens of polls, it’s this: The Republicans could have nominated a mile-high mound of flaming medical waste and between 38 and 43 percent of the American electorate would have voted for it over Hillary Rodham Clinton.

No one is suggesting Donald Trump is quite that bad (the fire engulfing his campaign is merely dumpster-sized) but this isn’t a guy who is running for president, at times, so much as a man who is running from president.

No recap of post-debate self-immolation is necessary, but it’s become clear that the Corey Lewandowski faction at Trump Tower (“Just be yourself, boss!”), merged with the Roger Stone wing (“Don’t worry, Mr. Trump, WikiLeaks is going to destroy her next week”), is winning. The more conventional Kellyanne Conway/Roger Ailes camp, which had been hoping to retrofit Trump into a marketable political commodity, not so much.

And yet … here the most outrageous and detested presidential nominee in recent memory sits, teetering but never quite falling into the clown chasm of political doom; the aggregators have Clinton back up as a 65-to-70 percent favorite to win, but in no battleground does she currently enjoy the double-digit dominance she had just after the convention. She is doing most everything right while he is inventing brand-new wrong (like enlisting the jowly duo of marital cheaters, Rudy Giuliani and Newt Gingrich, to defend his fat-shaming of Miss Universe and attack the Clintons’ marriage). You can’t make this stuff up. But Donald Trump can, and he still gets his 38 to 43 percent in virtually every national poll.

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