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Trump, Clinton stumble in debate dry run

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Three weeks until the most important moment of the 2016 contest and she looks uncertain while he sounds uninformed.

Less than three weeks before the first general-election debate, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton shared a stage for the first time on Wednesday night — and neither appeared ready for the brightest lights of 2016 as they flashed the very liabilities that make their backers uneasy.

Clinton wobbled on style. Trump stumbled on substance.

And Republicans, who only weeks ago fretted that the presidential contest was slipping entirely from Trump’s grasp, nonetheless appeared heartened that the race has narrowed to within conceivable striking distance as the latest RealClearPolitics polling average had Clinton’s lead down to 3.1 percentage points, shrunken from a high of 7.9 percentage points on Aug. 9.

“Now that Trump has this within the margin of error, he needs to make himself an acceptable alternative to Clinton to pull ahead,” said Scott Reed, chief strategist of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. “The first debate will be the most watched political event of our lifetime and the perfect stage to make his move.”

NBC’s prime-time “commander-in-chief forum” offered a tantalizing preview of the candidates’ relative strengths and weaknesses.

Clinton, a former secretary of state, was a master of the material but still looked uncomfortable as she fielded multiple questions about her private email server and struggled to squeeze her vision for American foreign policy into clear and concise terms.

Trump projected confidence even as he avoided specifics and treaded into politically treacherous territory as he belittled American military leaders (“the generals have been reduced to rubble”); said he has a plan to defeat the Islamic State but wants to keep it secret; and seemingly developed new policy on the fly, saying that undocumented immigrants who serve in the military could then stay in the United States legally. He also offered repeated praise for Russian President Vladimir Putin as a superior leader to President Barack Obama (“He does have an 82 percent approval rating”).

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