viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2016

Trump campaign quarrels over money woes

 Some donors are beginning to point fingers over Hillary Clinton's massive cash advantage.

The money gap is putting Donald Trump at a substantial disadvantage during the remaining few weeks of the campaign

Frustration is growing within Donald Trump’s campaign over the Republican nominee’s yawning money gap with Democratic rival Hillary Clinton -- just as the presidential race heads into its final fall stretch.

Trump’s top advisers have held a series of tense conversations in recent days about how to close a fundraising hole that’s grown to over $200 million – a deficit that’s led Trump to essentially cede the TV airwaves to his Democratic rival. The discussions, which were relayed by more than a half-dozen sources, have veered into finger pointing, with some participants pinning the blame on the Republican National Committee or on Steven Mnuchin, Trump’s national finance chairman and a newcomer to the political scene.

The shortfall is putting Trump at a substantial disadvantage during the remaining few weeks of the campaign, as focus shifts to the clinical – and costly -- process of bringing voters out to the polls.

“Between him dissing the donors in the primary and donors being more concerned about Congress, as they should be, it’s a significant gap for him to close,” said former GOP Rep. Vin Weber, a prominent Washington lobbyist and fundraiser. “I have to believe the Clinton campaign will know how to spend their money effectively during the last 45 days.”

Last Thursday, Trump’s top brass, including Mnuchin, chief operating officer Eli Miller, Donald Trump Jr., son-in-law Jared Kushner gathered in Trump Tower with Republican National Committee Chief of Staff Katie Walsh. At one point, Dallas investor Gentry Beach, a Trump fundraiser who has long been one of Donald Trump Jr.’s closest friends, launched into what four sources who were present described as a pointed critique of the RNC, which he said was coming up short. Gentry asked why he didn’t have access to the RNC’s donor data, two of the sources said -- implying that the committee was deliberately withholding critical information.

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