martes, 13 de septiembre de 2016

Obama and Clinton plot a final-stretch blitz

The White House and the Clinton campaign are deep in talks on how to keep on capturing the magic of their convention night reunion.

He’s her most powerful ally right now,” said Mitch Stewart, Barack Obama’s 2012 battleground states director

President Barack Obama was back here Tuesday, seven weeks and just a few miles from where he gave his big Democratic convention speech for Hillary Clinton — and most importantly for the campaign. He held her in a long, long embrace after she surprised the crowd on stage as he finished. He pointed to her. He kissed her on the head. All those good feelings you’re feeling about me, he was telling the crowd, pick it up and put it on her.

Now, according to people familiar with the matter, the White House and the Clinton campaign are deep in talks for how to make such a moment happen again, perhaps more than once, in the closing weeks before Election Day — and perhaps in the midst of early voting that’s about to kick off in states that Clinton’s looking to lock in well before Nov. 8.

“The time has come for me to pass the baton on,” Obama said to the crowd of over 6,000 on Tuesday afternoon, with the Philadelphia Museum of Art and its famous “Rocky” steps in the background. (Obama even at one point did a Rocky impression, saying that’s how he felt every time something went well for him in 2008, only to find Clinton coming up right behind him.) “But I know that Hillary is going to take it, and I know she’s going to run that race, and I know she’s going to finish that race.”

This is a tricky topic for the Clinton campaign aides, who want to avoid any suggestion that she represents Obama's third term even as they try to ride his popularity to more votes.

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