miércoles, 24 de agosto de 2016

Trump gnaws at shorter leash


The Republican nominee strays from the teleprompter as he makes a passionate case for his candidacy.

Donald Trump, after several straight days delivering a more scripted message, loosened the rhetorical shackles tightened by his new campaign manager and went off-script several times Wednesday afternoon, offering a more passionate but at times self-contradicting case for his candidacy.

The Republican nominee, still struggling to right his campaign after a prolonged dip in the polls, touted the same divisive policy ideas while promising an “end to the era of division.” He hailed himself as a political outsider, citing his decades as an insider who used his money to buy power. And he offered voters a black-and-white choice between the abject dystopia to come in a Clinton presidency or the problem-free paradise he vowed to easily restore.

"If I don't win, it will be worse than ever before,” he told supporters at a Tampa rally. “But if I win, we're going to turn it around and it will be a beautiful thing."

Trump made the same overt appeals to Hispanics and blacks, constituencies that appear to have broadly written him off, as he first did last week. But he again based his sales pitch on a patronizing portrayal of black and Hispanic communities heavy on hyperbole and stereotypes.

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